1. There’s so many things I love about the fall, it always makes me so nostalgic! I love having the windows open and snuggling up under blankets!

  2. The crisp chill air, the smell of spices, breaking out my sweaters, boots and scarves and snuggling with my Boyfriend on a chill night watching a movie.

  3. My favorite part about fall is probably seeing all the beautiful colors that the trees change to! I also love the return of warm oats after a hot summer! :-)

  4. My fav. thing about the fall is the leaves and wearing clothes that I’ve neglected all summer. I’m in Alberta, Canada though – not sure if the contest is open to Canucks.

  5. If we had Fall, it would probably be getting back into jeans. It’s still over 100 here, so that won’t be happening soon.

  6. My favorite thing about fall is decorating! I put out the wreath on the door that has been barren all summer and display small pumpkins and stuffed bean bag scarecrows in the living room.

  7. I definitely have to try this recipe! My favorite thing about fall? It’s a tie between wearing cozy sweaters and drinking hot apple cider!

  8. What is not to love about Fall? I love the feeling in the air-a feeling of anticipation, mischief, home. For some reason around Fall I feel the happiest, most at peace. The colors are beautiful, pumpkin is my favorite flavor, and all of the holidays are just around the corner. Yes, what’s not to love about Fall?

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