1. I try to look up gyms nearby before I go to see if there’s a cool class I could try out. If not, write down some workouts and do a run outside beforehand. An hour tops and you’ll be done, and you’re probably not even missing out on anything!

  2. girl i used to be anxious about working out but since ive been fasting from it, its been amazing1!! we can say that stuff doesnt have a strong hold on us all we want, but sometimes when we step back from it, we realize its clinging onto US!!! so seriously do not feel anxious about working out on vacation, the Lord will take care of you! You need to enjoy yourself!!

  3. I had a similar freak out when I went to Michigan for the 4th of July this summer. I brought a workout DVD with me and weights (I drove) but I didn’t even end up touching them. It actually was a very healthy experience for me because I spend 5 days doing fun active things (like some kayaking and biking and hiking) but I wasn’t doing the intense workouts I normally do and I was eating more indulgent food. The result? I gained zero weight and felt amazing and refreshed afterwards. I learned that taking a week from the gym will NOT set you back, it might even be doing your body (and mind!!!) a big favor.

  4. Great mindset, Ashley!!

    I totally agree-enjoy the foods YOU want to enjoy, not just because they are there. I usually think about how I’ll feel if I overeat something that I love (because I now have no problem eating it. hah.)–that helps.

    As for exercise, 1 week won’t kill ya from normal workouts, but I agree that doing something active is important because it keeps your brain locked in to your goals. If it is a total freebie week then let that be, but if you want to stick somewhat to what you’ve been doing, then having some form of exercise daily will help you stay on track :)

  5. Every time Pete and I are going away we always check out the hotel’s fitness center online. It is for sure one of the deciding factors on if we will book a room in a hotel or not. However when I go somewhere and stay with family, fitness is definitely a concern. Last week when our power was out and we stayed with my parents it worked out b/c we just brought the Insanity dvd’s. But other times I’ve just found ways- whether it’s running, swimming, free weights, etc there is always something you can do.

  6. I love love your positive attitude and your game plan going into this – I think it’s healthy, balanced and realistic all at the same time. And I can 100% relate to everything here – I too am wondering what the heck I’m going to do workout wise in NY at my in-laws, especially since they live in the boonies, no gyms around whatsoever and it’ll most likely be snowing so walking is out of the question. Thankfully(!), my sweet MIL has an elliptical and she put it in the bedroom we’re staying in so that I can workout in privacy. How nice is that! Although then my mind starts thinking – will I be able to do an hour? Will that be too much and being in that room will be too selfish? So I’m committing to a half hour most days – I think that’s a good compromise – especially since the vacation is meant to be with family! My husband also suggested I bring a light pair of dumbbells which I think I’ll definitely do – It’ll add a lil weight to my luggage but willing to do it to sacrifice my sanity! lol :) We can do this girl!

    • I appreciate you so much!! It’s nice to know someone else completely understands and can relate to me. It seems like we’re at a similar point in our “recovery” which makes it even easier to relate to one another. I think your plan sounds perfect on your vacation. That’s so nice your MIL did that for you! Even 30 minutes will help you feel great and get the endorphins going. I just want to meet you in person already! 😉

  7. Great game plan! I usually just make my boyfriend or mom go for walks with me, or con them into saying “oh yeah, let’s go walk around and explore the hotel/things to do around here!” haha. I also love any hotel with a gym in it. I hope you have a great Thank You Day! :)

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