1. Good points. I am still a new blogger so I don’t have any misconceptions yet, but I really write exactly what I think/happens- super healthy or not (Hello candy addiction).

    I ate a chocolate scroll for breakfast which is actually very unlike me- but its one of those kind of days where you need chocolate! :)

  2. I can definitely relate to all of these, especially the one about beings perfect eater. I feel like now I am more likely to receive comments when out to dinner with friends if I order something unhealthy! Being a blogger does not make me invincible to cravings.. :-)

  3. Well said!! I struggle a little witht he opposite – like people feel I am an imposter in the healthy living blogging community because I am not always wonderfully healthy, but my blog clearly states that it is about my journey in my NEW love of a healthy lifestyle and a way for people to see my eating habits changing.
    PS – ironically enough my post this morning was about eating lots of cake. haha.

    • that’s what is so neat about blogs though… they’re all unique and different because we as people are all unique and different. the differences are what need to be appreciated! i commend you for starting your new healthy lifestyle journey! way to go girl!

  4. I love this!! I do sometimes get the feeling that people think I know everything when it comes to losing weight and a healthy lifestyle. Boy if they could only follow me for a day and go home with me at night! There are some days that I don’t struggle with a healthy lifestyle, and then there are days that I can’t get it together and feel a change is necessary. I am constantly looking for new ideas and different ways to change my food and workout programs. :)

    GREAT post Ashley!!

    • just read the post… love it! thanks so much for sharing that with me. i totally agree with everything she said.

  5. People who haven’t read my blog assume that all I do is complain about things. Because of this, I’ve been super hesitant to share my blog with some of my IRL friends, but so far the reception has been good.

  6. Love this – so many people think that I’m on a diet because I’m small, when really, I struggle with eating enough! It’s always a total judgement call!

    AND, I HATE the word diet. It’s unrealistic and crazy. I wish we could ban it (ot at least ban the mentality)!

  7. Such great points! I’m so glad you did a post like this!
    I get that “diet” one all too many times! I enjoy eating healthy, unprocessed, clean foods. I love salads, fruits, veggies, oatmeal, grilled chicken; the foods people try to eat when on a “diet”. Whenever I’m out with friends or family and order a salad or bring my own healthy food to a BBQ, I always feel criticized as why are you on a diet?! It does get annoying, like people can’t understand why someone would enjoy eating healthy foods and not fueling their bodies with junk! ha

  8. I love that explination of your blog, I think its great you want to clear things up as a blogger its not about being perfect its about striving to be as healthy and happy as can be. The best thing I ate today was a peter rabbit organic fruit snack. Its so good!

  9. Great post, girlie!! I don’t know what type of blog I have, to be quite honest. Sometimes I think I’m a healthy living blog, but then I post all these unhealthy recipes, sooo, that’s kind of contrary to the “healthy living blog” theme haha! 😉 I’m me. I eat healthier than most, but less healthy than others. I love to run and workout, but definitely NOT every day. It’s all about balance, in my book! 😉

    And I’m looking forward to having breakfast for dinner tonight. And perhaps a margarita later because it’s been a long week haha!

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