1. I love seeing what pops up in my reader each week when it comes to workouts—there are usually at least 2 great ones! I love circuit-style fast paced workouts so when I come along those it’s a happy day!

  2. I love when a workout leaves me feeling like jell o after and on fire! I have been pinning workouts so I can do them, I love variety.

  3. I just bookmarked that workout the other day, hopefully to try tomorrow or Sunday! I look for inspiration from others when it comes to strength workouts – if I make up my own, I usually use moves that I’ve learned in workout videos or fitness classes because that’s my only basis!

    The only time I have problems using others’ workouts are when they involve using machines since I don’t have access to a gym right now. Do you have any suggestions for how to incorporate an exercise similar to the “one legged leg extension” that can be done at home with free weights or body weight? Figured I would ask a trainer like yourself :-)

    • great question! that one is a little more challenging to do without the machine, but some alternatives would be: while sitting on a chair, use a resistence band around your ankles and extend your leg as you would on a leg extension machine. the weight won’t be quite as heavy, but you’ll still feel it! you can also use weighted ankle weights if you have those and do the same thing, but i would think the resistence band would be less expensive and more practical. i hope that makes sense! let me know if you have more questions!

  4. I feel like I’m always teaching a class, so I rarely do other people’s workouts although I always want to. :) Good for you for stepping up your weights for February! :) You’ll love it at the end of the month (sounds like you already do though being so sore and all). :)

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