1. I’m actually more of a fruit girl! and I LOVE lemon! When I was little I would always get a lemon bar if it was a dessert option! We’d go to Bagel & Bagel (now Einsteins…) after soccer games and they had the best lemon bars!

  2. Those look so good. It’s funny because my husband refuses to eat anything, I repeat, anything with lemon because his Mom made a terrible lemon fish dish when he was younger. He and his siblings still talk about it, so I have slowly eliminated lemon dishes from our house. Haha!

    • haha that is too funny. my husband doesn’t like anything with lemon either, so i get these all to myself! :)

      • What husbands won’t eat could be a topic all its own: I’m not allowed to keep mayonnaise in the house! He vomits on contact…….

  3. I used to absolutely, hands down be a chocolate addict but I find myself much more drawn to fruity desserts these days. I don’t have a favorite lemon dessert but I have been craving some sort of lemon bar or lemon custard. If anyone can find me a good vegan recipe (as in you tried it and you loved it) for that, I will be forever grateful!

  4. Looks like a great recipe, hun! I am more of a fruity girl than a chocolate girl :) I have always wanted to try that NuNaturals that you used in this recipe!

  5. Chocolate *always* wins, for sure! Especially when combined with peanut butter, right? 😉 The only exception I make is with ice cream. For some reason, I always choose vanilla-based flavors over chocolate-based flavors! Maybe it’s because I consume so much chocolate already? 😀

    Your lemon muffins look fantastic! I may try substituting almond flour for the whole wheat and see how they turn out. My favorite lemon dessert of all time is lemon bars! LOVE them. I also like lemon curd (which tastes like the filling of the lemon bars) on cake, toast, meringues…anything!

    Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, Ashley! <3

  6. I do love fruit, but chocolate definitely wins myt heart. And I actually am not at all a lemon fan in sweet form for some reason! I love it in tea, hot water, or lemonade, but can’t stand it in cookies or muffins or anything. Who knows why. I’d have to try these out minus the lemon, maybe with vanilla! Have a great weekend!

  7. That is exactly the same for me! I absoloutley adore chocolate but Lemon is ALWAYS a runner up! I really like a simple big lemon cake!! Or lemon cheescake!

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