1. I won’t lie that some WIAW posts on other blogs are a bit monotonous but yours always have a theme going on…and if not, the food more than makes up :)! Everything looks so good, especially that sandwich (and fro yo but that’s a given)! I’m the same about healthier swaps- one of my favorites is dipping chicken breast into egg-whites and then coating it with oats! It definitely tastes better than fried chicken in my books :)!

  2. great idea for a post! my favorite fro yo toppings are definitely sprinkles! and hey… fro yo at the end of the day of eating so healthy is not a bad thing!! :) :) actually fro yo is NEVER a bad thing!!

    • i’m all about the peanut butter cup pieces! i wish our fro yo place had peanut butter sauce! yumm.

  3. Love adding avocado, spinach, hummus and tomatoes to grilled cheese sandwiches :) And multigrain pancakes are my favorite breakfast, I top mine with plain Greek yogurt, natural PB and fresh berries. You are right smoothies are way better than milkshakes too! I had a DQ milkshake awhile back and then made myself a banana smoothie at home the next day, way better and I am hooked now, a frozen banana, vanilla protein and almond milk.
    I have too many favorite fro-yo toppings – mochi, carob chips, coconut, Reese’s PB cups and cookie dough pieces might be the top ones though.

  4. We love making healthy swaps at our house too. We use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream (always), and I use a lot of swaps in baking. Also, I love making smoothies that most people would think are milkshakes because they taste so great! I think my favorite swap-out recipe is Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie dough dip. I’ve served it at so many parties, and people eat it up thinking it’s bad for them, and then I drop the bomb that it’s healthy (and made from chickpeas!). :)

    That froyo looks amazing!

  5. I’m totttttttttttally jealous of that lunch. Grilled cheese, avocado, asparagus…YUM!! Can you come make me one, at say 11:45 today? :) And you’ll probably think I’m weird, but I don’t eat ice cream or fro-yo. I know, heathen.

  6. Everyone loves those kodiak cakes! I haven’t got that near me, so I usually just make my own pancakes with wholemeal flour. I love the comparison idea of this post!
    no shame in froyo. I always go for fruit on top of plain tart. my favourite hands down.

  7. I love making healthy substitutions to my meals! I always try and substitute lean meats for fattier cuts, use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter (when possible), and cram as many veggies into my meals as possible! Favorite fro-yo toppings: crushed Oreo, cookie dough, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and nuts!

  8. Well, easy to say I love all of your eats. It’s awesome how you ate everything the healthier way :) & damn, you wake up so early! I almost feel bad for waking up at the time I do, you probably have so much stuff done by then. Either way, awesome day of eats :)

    My favorite froyo toppings include all berries and sometimes some shredded coconut if I’m feeling fancy 😛

  9. I looooove ice cream,too,I really should work on my ice-cream fear… Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream is sooooo good…!
    Uhm,anyhow,I always make my own milkshakes,too! They are so much healthier and at least as yummy as the traditional version. :)

  10. I love grilled sandwiches – especially ones with avocado! Yours looks amazing. 😀

    Some healthy spins on foods that I like to make are potato salad with a Greek yogurt dressing instead of mayo, banana soft serve, and baked instead of fried chicken fingers!

  11. I love the avocado, tomato and mozzarella sandwich idea! The more avocado I can get the better! Sometimes, I’ll add some spinach and chicken to my quesadillas to add a little more nutrients.

  12. I LOVE the idea of adding avocado to a grilled cheese sandwich! Yum! I’m guessing that this healthy version will be even tastier than the original. 😉

    Your Kodiak Cake breakfasts are making me crave pancakes big time. I went through a pancake kick about a year ago and literally ate them EVERY morning, but then (surprise!) I burned out. I tend to do this with breakfast foods; I get on a kick with something and eat it until I can’t eat it anymore. I need to start practicing more moderation. 😉 Nonetheless, I think it’s time to bring pancakes back. :)

    The protein cookie dough sounds so good! As you already know, I love making a healthy “cheesecake mousse” by whipping cottage cheese with stevia. It truly tastes like cheesecake! I also enjoy healthifying brownies and other baked goods. But nothing is ever *quite* as good as the real thing! xoxo <3

    • i do the same exact thing with breakfasts! i’m sure i’ll get burned out on the pancakes soon enough. 😉 i love your cheesecake mousse too! that’s another one of my favorites!!

  13. I’ve got to make that cookie dough! I just did a swap for peanut butter pie. The filling is delicious and Oh She Glows did a similar version with silken tofu. It’s actually pretty good.

  14. Hey your eats look really yummy! I was just wondering, how do you bloggers get so much milkshake out of your recipes? The ingredients dont look like they would add up to as much in the pictures. they look amazing!

  15. I love all of the healthy alternatives you gave…these are great meal ideas!

    I often use whole wheat flour in chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and homemade pizza crust. When we have spaghetti, I fill half of my bowl with chopped, steamed broccoli before adding the pasta. I also love sneaking spinach into smoothies and veggies onto sandwiches.

  16. What a fun spin on a WIAW post Ashley! These are great healthy alternatives, seriously, you did a wonderful job with them! I like your fajita idea… haven’t had anything like that in far too long, but obviously they are fine to eat, just need some slight modifications :)
    Sprinkles are a MUST on top of frozen yogurt, chocolate in particular, and also graham crackers, blueberries, and oreos are usually there as well :)

  17. That sandwich looks delish! I always do healthy spins on pizza and pancakes! My favorite ice cream/frozen yogurt toppings are peanut butter and reese’s peanut cups or reese’s pieces.

  18. I love this!! I LOVE your sandwich- love avocado on sandwiches these days. and froyo is so necessary. I have loved reading about your journey lately-The Lord is so present in your life Its beautiful!

  19. Love the STUFT cookie dough, one of my favourite snacks of all time! And that sandwich looks great. I love avocado, almond butter and banana on toast. Such a weird sounding combo, but its so good together.

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