1. I’ve heard of Kona, but I’m always weary of boxes because I hate not knowing what are in things haha.
    I guess I’m not much for surprises;)
    Your box looks good though!

  2. Oooohh it seems that these subscription cases are becoming more popular. I really like the items they sent you! But like you, I’m not much of a energy gel type of gal 😉 And I love that you’re always honest with your reviews! I’m sure all your readers appreciate that a lot.

  3. I LOVE bars for snacks so I like the look of this box. 18 Rabbits is such a cute little name for a bar. My favorite bars are definitely Larabars, and I also love Rise Bars. Can’t beat the simple ingredients!

  4. I definitely would be into getting something like this!! I love the aspect of getting to try new, healthy products that you may otherwise never even heard of and just walked by even if you did see them in the store!!

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