1. Always love these posts! That creamer is amazing! My fave is French vanilla. Oh, and their coconut ice cream is the best!!! I like the bars that have a chocolate almond shell on the outside!

    If you like Gina’s cookie dough cereal, give her protein fudge a whirl next time youwant a snack as a change from tinas cookie dough. SO good!!

  2. Ahh I love this! I’m like you as I switch up my daily breakfast nut butter every day. I like peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, pepita sunseed butter (from Naturally Nutty), and whatever else we happen to have in stock!
    I’ve tried avocado with a lot of things, but I have yet to eat it with goat cheese–must do that. These past three days, I’ve been taking an avocado and smoked salmon sandwich to dance and it is amazing! A new take on salmon and cream cheese :)

  3. By adding different toppings to breakfast on things like oats, berries, flax, nut butters, yogurts, carob chips, coconut – so many options!
    Right now I love a new sandwich combo I recently came across, smashed avocado on bread, fried egg, pickles, spinach and tomato. SO good.

  4. I like sprouts on my sandwiches (though I’ve been advised to avoid them during pregnancy). I also prefer my sandwiches warm so I usually press them in a panini maker.
    Your stuffed pepper looks delicious!

  5. If it even remotely tastes like cookie dough, I’ll love it…I’ll have to look into that recipe! And I don’t make sandwiches often, but I love a good grilled cheese with a couple different kinds of cheese and a slice of ham or turkey thrown in the middle. So good.

  6. If you like Swiss chocolate, you need to try IRISH CADBURYS chocolate, I am telling you it will rock your world!!!
    These posts always make me hungry and sad that I can’t get most of the stuff you post in Ireland:(

  7. Hey Ashley,

    I hope you’ll be open to me correcting an error I’ve seen you make? Please don’t think I’m trying to hurt your feelings! I just have noticed you use the phrase “that being said” incorrectly – it should be used when you are about to contradict what you’ve just said. For example, “I need to lose five pounds. That being said, one more ice cream cone won’t do much damage.” In your post, you say that everyone wants to keep reading WIAW, “that being said, here we are with another one.” That doesn’t make sense; an appropriate follow up would be “Therefore, here it is!”

    Again, I am sorry if it hurts your feelings – I subscribe to your blog and it just makes me cringe every time you use that phrase.

  8. I have been adding your protein cookie dough to my vanilla smoothie….That has been my breakfast all week! It is pretty awesome!

  9. Oh yummmm! I love Swiss chocolate; the way its just so deliciously creamy!! The fact your bar has hazelnuts in I think would just make it even better!!
    I’ve never really found a sandwich that I like that much! I don’t know what it is! Even as a kid I wouldn’t eat them!

  10. My friends actually just came back from a trip to Europe and brought tons of chocolate home with them. Oh man – even the plain chocolate is absolutely delicious!

  11. I get a weekly CSA from the farmers market, so having new veggies every week helps me mix things up. I eat a ton of veg for lunch and dinner so it’s nice having seasonal stuff, even some veg I’ve never heard of to make things interesting.

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