1. that’s funny – i totally feel the same way! whenever i eat something “unhealthy” and someone sees me, they’re like, “woah you eat that??” or “it makes me so happy to see you eating that!” uhhh ok lol

  2. That’s an interesting question! In the past I would have said a strict 1200 calories a day but now since intuitive eating it is definitely now more anything and everything my heart desires :)

    Loving your burrito bowl and ice cream!

  3. Haha I probably would have responded with “uhh, food” as well. I (generally) eat pretty healthy, and I have had co-workers ask me in the past, “Do you always eat so healthy?”…..I’m never really sure how to respond to that one! I think I’m asked this because I tend to bring my own lunch everyday, and it almost always has fruits and veggies, which I’ve learned isn’t all that common (at least in my workplace). I think it’s interesting how I may feel that I eat “balanced” (no restrictions, everything in moderation), other people perceive it as dieting/super healthy eating.

  4. Hahah I get that question quite a bit too- people think I either eat merely vegetables and lean protein or super elaborate meals because of my photos…if only they could see the “behind the scenes”! Your eats look fantastic, especially dessert–> a little bit of ice cream every so often does the body good ;)!

  5. “I eat what I want, what do you eat?” … hoping that does not sound arrogant but often times I find that question has judgment or negative connotation so I’d rather avoid it. I like eating peanut butter on celery, and making pancakes with a banana but lots of people think that’s gross or weird.

  6. I get that sort of vibe from my friends sometimes too! Or they will happen to see me eating carrots or something and say, “Look at you being all healthy again..” Well, I mean, I do love eating healthy food, but I love ice cream and potato chips every now and then too!
    Speaking of which, I could totally go for some cookies and cream ice cream…tonight. Not this early in the morning! Or maybe? 😉

  7. i keep seeing that stuffed pepper soup and it looks and sounds delicious! i like the idea of adding in beans for half of the ground turkey. i always hear about subbing beans in for the meat but wasn’t quite sure how much to add/reduce. thanks! cant wait to try it out

  8. That burrito bowl looks so good! I get asked that kind of stuff a lot too, and I basically just say I try to eat healthy the majority of the time, but I’m not a fan of restriction. Other than fast food, I don’t really turn down any type of food!

  9. Obviously what I eat needs explanation, but I really don’t agree with the word ‘restriction.’ It’s my choice to not eat the things I do and I don’t feel restricted at all!! And I agree, although I love greens, I couldn’t imagine not eating chocolate or SOME treat daily. My mouth would be so sad! lol

    • Sorry if I offended you by using the word “restriction”. I didn’t really know how else to say it, but regardless, that wasn’t really my point of the post. Hope you understand! <3

  10. I wouldn’t know how to respond to that either! I’d probably end up saying something along the lines of “everything” (well, except nuts). I eat kale, chocolate, tofu, steak, dessert, and one time even lamb testicles haha. I literally will eat anything.

    I love the look of that soup!

  11. All about balance and moderation. I always eat my fruit and veggies, but typically can’t go a day without some type of sweet 😉

  12. I think since we do have healthy living blogs, we are held at an unattainable food level. I eat a lot like you and I get called out sometimes by coworkers if I have a donut or piece of cake as an office treat. I am only human people! 😉

    Honestly I prefer reading blogs of people who eat with a balance rather than all indulgent or all restrictive eaters!

  13. I would answer similar to you, I try to eat a good balance clean, whole foods most of the time to fuel my body however there is always room for treats and indulgences.

  14. I’ve had people ask me that question before too. For some reason, people always assume that I’m a vegetarian (maybe because I don’t eat a lot of meat?). I’ve always had people give me shocked expressions when I eat an entire piece of cake or bowl of ice cream at a family gathering — sweets are my weakness, just like they are for many other people!

  15. Some of our friends tease me about eating “unhealthy” things too, because of my blog, and I actually love it because it’s an opportunity to be like, “SEE, I can eat this stuff and still consider myself a healthy eater. Moderation, people!”

  16. I never have a big breakfast and usually have a string cheese mid morning…I love peanut butter and jelly either as a sandwich or on a bagel for lunch…I always have a greek yogurt in the afternoon. Dinner usually has brown rice with it because I love it and I always (well like 95% of the time) have a bowl of ice cream for dessert :). I also always have a handful of peanut butter m&m’s somewhere in the day too. My worst downfall is diet coke! I want to eliminate it because I am kinda an all or nothing person!

  17. Oh snap, I’m guilty of asking friends that – it’s more to pick their brain for ideas though. I fall into eating ruts (especially with work lunches), and if I know someone cares about healthy eating, I want to know what they’re liking so I can give it a shot. I hope people don’t think I’m being judgmental when I ask them – I swear, it’s has more to do with seeing them as a role model and actual curiosity, not rudeness!

    • I think it CAN be rude if you say it in the wrong way, but if you’re careful how you ask with the right tone, I don’t think it has to be rude at all. I wasn’t offended at all when asked…guess it also depends on the person you ask! 😉

  18. I definitely try to eat with balance too, its so much easier to do (for me) when I have a regular schedule and prep my meals for the week on Sundays! Blurry picture or not, those pumpkin oats look delicious! I just need it to cool down a little more here (in AZ) so I can take part in the fall foods!

  19. I love pumpkin oatmeal! I’m currently trying to lose a few pounds, some of my pants aren’t fitting. I’m watching what I eat more for that reason but still eating treats in moderation. I feel like there is a recent bad connotation with watching what you eat and choosin healthy food most of the time. But in my opinion that’s better than not caring what you eat and fueling only with junk.

    I need to get in the habit of eating “real food”….too often, out of convenience, I’m eating protein bars, protein shakes, etc. :(

  21. I love this!! You are such a good example of eating well-balanced meals & snacks with ‘fun’ stuff sprinkled throughout. I am totally the same way.

    Life without real dessert or a fun meal like burger/fries once in awhile is NOT a life. Sorry. 😉

  22. That’s such an awkward question to try and answer! I’d have to say everything, because I do literally eat anything and everything (except eggplant and green olives…). I always wonder if people think that I’m this super-healthy-eat-veggies-all-the-time person because I write a blog, but that’s definitely not the case. Chocolate or ice cream is a pretty daily necessity for me too! 😉

  23. i love what you eat :) burrito bowl is awesome and I love red grapes too! I used to restrict my calories so I used to stay at 1200-1400 cal per day but now I just eat whatever I want. Eating intuitively is a better goal and keeps me happy and that’s what counts more.

  24. As a nutrition student, I get asked what I eat all the time. It can be annoying after a while, but I eventually take pride in letting people know that I don’t just sit around and eat celery all day! I eat everything in moderation and don’t deprive myself. I think that life is too short to put so much pressure on yourself to eat a certain way. I think it’s great that as a healthy living blogger you are promoting the concept of balance! Great post

  25. Just my two cents…I love oatmeal but find it tastes gritty when I put in protein powder, so I never put it in there anymore. I wonder if that’s why you weren’t feeling the pumpkin oats today!

  26. Lol that’s kind of crazy that we both had the same thoughts about our bowls of pumpkin oats… I like the idea, but not so much the execution. And it makes me sad when people think that healthy eating has to be boring! Nut butters, dark chocolate, AB&Js, Greek yogurt messes, mock Chipotle bowls…!

  27. Healthy eating is so much more fun than I thought when I started. But I need my occasional ice cream, drink or burger to keep that fun. Nothiong wrong with that! Sometimes it’s strange how people see you. My mother-in-law always tells me I was eating way too little. But she only sees me for one meal at a time. I tend to eat 5-6 meals but keep them smaller. That’s the way I like it. People who eat 3 big meals that are not so healthy always think I am on a diet! No way that I diet ever again 😉

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